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African Fashion Industry Exploration: Nigeria

African Fashion Industry Exploration: Nigeria
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History of Nigeria’s Fashion Industry

Prior to the 90s, Nigerian fashion had been strongly influenced by the British as a result of colonial ties. Due to influence of the British for a time, the Nigerian fashion industry focused mainly on western fashion which temporarily cause the economy to dwindle. Fortunately, today Nigerians have embraced their tradition and culture in all its entirety.

Today, Nigeria is a creative hotspot and this can be seen through the rapidly growing fashion industry. As Africa’s most populous country and with its powerful demographics, Nigeria is positioned firmly in the heart of Africa’s fashion scene. Several non-Nigerian designers have openly admitted to being inspired by Nigerian fashion.[emc3nigeria]


Nigerian Traditional Attire

Nigeria is home to numerous ethnic groups, languages and dialects. Some of the largest ethnic groups in Nigeria include Yoruba , Igbo , Edo, Benin , Fulani and the Hausa people. Each ethnic groups have their own specific cultures , cuisine traditional attire which usually worn on special occasions such as traditional weddings and religious gatherings. Some of the most well-known traditional garments consist of:


This garment is a loose fitting robe worn by men in Nigeria usually decorated in intricate embroidery and worn on special occasions. Some people wear it alone with the trousers while some wear it as a type of suit over their shirt. The head gear worn in accompaniment to the Agbada (seen in the second image ) is a cap called Fila.




Gele is a head tie worn by Nigerian women for special occasions. In comparison to head ties worn by women in other African countries the Gele is usually much more ornate. There are multuple styles of Gele; Ankara Gele, Aso-oke Gele ,Avant Garde Gele, the list goes on. Aso-oke is arguably the most popular type of gele, this is a tighlly hand woven fabric which is crafted in a plethora of different patterns and vibrant colours. Today the threads used consist of silk, cotton , rayon and metallic lurex fibres.










Iro and Buba

The Iro is a large wrapper tied around the waist the Buba is a loose fitted blouse. This a a traditional look worn by Nigerian women in southwest Nigeria. This is a loincloth made with African print or Ankara.

Nigerian Fashion Designers to Keep an Eye Out For This Fashion Week

Alan Cruzer (@alancruzerbespoke)


 Muftau Femi Ajose (@cutesaint.ng)

Temilade Olumide Akinrodoye (@houseoftemmy)

“Temilade Olumide Akinrodoye is the creative director of fashion brand, House of Temmy which specializes in creating edgy afro-centric and androgynous designs. House of Temmy caters for the style needs of daring men and women who are bold, sexy and independent enough to express themselves through fashion.

Not one to follow the norm, House of Temmy specializes in making strange or unusual things look beautiful. Although Temmy has been in the industry for a while and has worked as a stylist, catwalk instructor, he decided to take his creativity and enthusiasm for fashion to the next level. House of Temmy made its debut appearance at the Mens Fashion Week Nigeria and is already receiving fantastic reviews from the press and stakeholders within the industry.” [hautefashionnigeria]

Jeremiah Jerre


Jurio Luti


Bamidele Adenike(@nikbee_stitches)


Owunmi Clothings 

Rafiat Clothing(@r.a.f.i.a.t)

Skentele by Etti (@skentelebyettimen)

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