Afroukonline Ltd is a limited liability company registered in the UK. A non-political, non-religious commercial and entertainment platform.

We are in existence because we identified a gap in the market for the Afro-caribbean community. Our aim is to be the Number 1 online platform to meeting the commercial and social needs of this community in the UK and for all Africans in diaspora.

Integrity, professionalism and excellent customer service is our driving force, we expect this quality to fall through our partners customers and friends.

Our purpose is two-fold,

Firstly to promote businesses that offer services to this community in particular and the general public in general, especially those that are offering products or professional services, either owned and/or managed by Afro-caribbean, networking being a major objectives.

The importance of networking cannot be over- emphasized, a lot of businesses struggle not because they do not have excellent products and services, but because they are unable to reach out to potential customers, we believe our platform will help solve this challenge.

The second purpose is social, recreation and relaxation.

For music, party and fun lovers who are interested in social events from the within this community, information on happenings in various clubs, wine bars and restaurants, show casing the music of various clubs, DJ’s and fashion shows and other upcoming entertainment events.

It’s a weekend or bank holiday or maybe you are from holiday abroad, you are not familiar with the UK, we are striving to be a number 1 stop online shop for entertainment.

Summarising, when you think business or pleasure within this community you think afroukonline.