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  • Quophi Akotuah

    Quophi Akotuah Ghana is an Authentic Unisex African brand which champions in creating the most daring and compelling with a streak of mystery and eccentric look for its clientele.

  • Ibrahim Fernandez

    Ibrahim Fernandez spent his childhood in the textile world in Abidjan helping his mother in the choice of colors and patterns for printed loincloths, without, however, showing much interest in the profession of a designer.

  • Ade Bakare Couture

    Ade Bakare Couture is a line of modern beautifully made stylish clothes that have an international look with a unique African influence, the collection is designed by the couturier twice a year, summer and winter ranges.

  • Zizi Cardow

    Zizi Cardow is a renowned Nigerian fashion designer creating contemporary womenโ€™s garments inspired by traditional Ankara prints.

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